Friday, May 29, 2009


Eglise Saint-Louis (10 x 8 Oil on canvas panel)

This is my May entry to Bill Guffy's VIRTUAL PAINTOUT blog site. Strolling down rue Saint-Louis en I'lle I was taken by these beautiful carved doors with cherubs overhead. The patina on the weathered old stone walls with varied warm and cool grays is fantastic. I love painting details and knew I had to try making a painting of this site.

To see my source photo use the Google map system and enter "30 rue Saint-Louis en I'lle, Paris, France". Then pan to the doors , and click the "Full screen" button.

Eglise Saint-Louis Organ

Eglise Saint-Louis Cupola

These two photos show the beauty of the Church interior. This baroque style Church was built between 1664 and 1675.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is my version of KARIN JURICK'S DSFDF challenge. Karin talked about how this project may be outside of some participants "comfort zone". Personally I like to paint most subjects that have interesting shape, colors, or light/dark patterns. However some subjects such as the wig shop just don't motivated me. Karin thank you for the terrific reference photo.

Karin has talked about painting on a black ground. I used a Sharpie pen to darken the background for my Diana painting, and liked this process. You have to paint light areas with fat paint or use two coats. For this project I used a deep red background, and sketched with a Sharpie and white pencil.

MADISON AVENUE (6x11 Oil on Masonite)
One of the problems with painting from photos is the camera records the dark areas as black. However when you are outside and look at dark areas you see various colors. I like to paint from reference digital photos displayed on the computer. I use the monitor brightness control to see allow seeing into the darks. Using this technique allowed me to see the flag on the right.
The traffic lights in the photo all appeard as yellow. However, we know the top light is always red. This is an other problem with photos. The camera will often record bright lights as yellow.