Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Peggy's Cove (11 x 14 Oil on canvas panel)
This is my Nova Scotia painting for Bill Guffey's Virtual Painout Blog. Peggy's Cove is a terrific painting location with weather boat docks, storage sheds, crab traps, and net floats. There is a light house just up the road. My painting location was 130 Peggys Point Rd, Halifax (sorry I can't load the hyperlink, for some reason when i do it takes you to "'Peggy Texas").
I am not quite finished with this one, the foreground needs some work. The dark water area looks more like mud at the moment. It needs some submerged rocks to give it depth. Also I am not happy with the big shed it doesn't look much like wood shingles, But I am not sure how to make it look right. Any suggestions?