Friday, December 21, 2012


This painting was done for Bill Guffey's VIRTUAL PAINTOUT
Saint Martin's Cathedral,   Bratislava, Slovakia
(16X12 oil on canvas panel)
This was a very difficult reference site to find tucked on the north side of the Church. I was attracted to the light/dark composition, and the weathered look of the old stone walls. There was a white box to the right of the statue which was impossible to define, until I brought up the monitor brightness, and discovered it was a cross. We are using this image for our Christmas cards.

Monday, October 29, 2012


This painting was done for Bill Guffey's VIRTUAL PAINTOUT blog.
Railroad Crossing (16x12 oil on canvas panel)
I hiked all over Corsica and finally found this site just north of Donja Dobra. [Ref photo]
I liked the way the tracks fade into the fog. I drew the crossing closer to the crossing guard, which brought more ties into the composition. The painting is not finished. The ties need more grays, the power lies at the top need to be darker and I may want to add darks in the railroad bed.

Monday, October 08, 2012


FOGGY BOTTOM II (16x12 oil on canvas panel)
This image is from Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, I used a Panoramio photo on the Google Map. I drew two versions of this photo on to canvases and liked the second drawing better. It can be seen in the previous post. I liked how it came out so decided to paint this as well.

OIL CANS (12x15 oil on canvas panel)
This was done from a jigsaw puzzle on I used Burnt Sienna, Ivory Black, and Raw Umber to get a warm background, which brings out the bright colors of the cans. The table top looked like marble so I used Ultramarine Blue, Ivory Black, and Raw Umber to get a cool black.

 PARKED (12x9 oil on canvas panel)
This is another high contrast image I found in the Costco magazine. I wanted to do a larger painting, but the image was rather low resolution. I used the same colors for the background as in the Oil Cans.

Monday, August 13, 2012


(14X11 oil on canvas panel)
This painting was done from a photo. I simplified the background removing tree reflections on the water.  I enjoyed painting the boys and dog on the back of the shirt.

(16x12  oil on canvas panel)
This one was done from a photo I found at Peggy's cove, when hiking though Nova Scotia on the Google map. The ropes were bright red, green, and yellow nylon. I used my artist licence to change them to old fashioned hemp rope.

Railroad Workers
(9x12 oil on canvas panel) 
This statue is at the San Luis Obispo railroad station and was painted en plein air. The sketch turned out looking fairly good. I worked on getting a good composition and capturing the variation in the colors of the bronze. The buildings in the background were intentionally left out to bring out the statue. Final touch ups were done in my studio.
(12x16 oil on cavas panel)
The reference photo for this painting was one of the many old time photos floating around on the Internet.


Ladies of Vilandes Street

I have finally finished this Painting, getting all the grunge on the lower wall, more definition on the blocks, and finishing the doors.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


This is my June entry to Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout blog.

Ladies of Vilandes Steet
(16x12 oil on canvas panel)

I found this old building at 11 Vilandes Street, Rega, Latvia. REF-IMAGE. I liked the cool gray figures against the warm yellow orange wall, and am always on the look out for patina that comes with age.  I am only about half done with this Painting. The stones on the right side need details like the ones on the left, the lower half of both figures are have quite a bit of detail work. You can see some of the pencil drawing on the doors, you can see what they will look like from the reference photo. Also the gray lower walls have a lot of brown tones. I will probably leave out the graffiti. I will  repost the image when completed.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This is my May entry to Bill Guffey's blog VIRTUAL PAINTOUT.
Harod's Gate (12x9)

I enjoyed hiking through the historical Old City of Jerusalem. My reference for this painting was on the South end of Harod's Gate. The contrast of the dark arch and the sun lit path made and interesting composition. The second arch provides a repetition of shape, and the man provides a focal point.  There are a lot of subtle colors which are a challenge to paint.