Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ladies of 9 Siroka Prague (12 x 9 Oil on canvas panel) [Ref Photo]
This is my second painting this month, featuring art deco sculpture which is prevalent in this section of Prague. I warmed up the color of the building to complement the blues in the door. My pallet was simple: ultramarine blue, yellow ocher, burnt sienna, raw umber, ivory black, and flake white. I used a 1 inch grid to help get the drawing correct. Not finished but close.

This is my May entry to Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout.

Hanging Out (16 x 12 Oil on canvas panel) [Ref Photo]
I found this site in Nebusice, north of Prague. When I stumbled on to this site, I was taken by the bright sun lit laundry contrasted against the dark buildings. The texture and colors in the walls were really fun to paint.

I found Prague to be a beautiful city with wonderful art deco features on many of the buildings. I am working on a painting of one of these buildings, and hope to post it soon.