Sunday, November 10, 2013


Battery Street Boys (12x16 oil on canvas panel)
I painted this scene from the Google map for Bill Guffey's VIRTUAL PAINT OUT blog.
It was not finished in time to enter it tn the VPO blog. 
Ref Photo
Battery Street, Charleston S. Carolina.
I painted the background dark green to bring out the Mules.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The photo club memebers are teaming with artists to develop a PHOTOGRAPH/ART show. The Show will be on display for the month of August at the Gum Tree Museum, Tupelo, MS. I am pleased that Laura Curry has asked me to team with her, because her photos are terrific. I have completed two paintings so far.
I really liked this photo the colors, and composition are wonderful. I enjoy painting details.
I cropped the photo to fit a standard frame, and simplify the composition.
FALL LEAVES (12 X 16 oil on  canvas)

This was my all time favorite Laura Photo. I love all the dust and grunge on this jug. But I found my eye attracted to the WHITE cap. I used Widows Paint to modify the photo, replaced the cap with a cork and showed the top threads. Then I took some of the back ground from the right side, and used it to covered over the corrugated metal panel on the left.
This is my modified photo cropped for a standard frame.

I generally make a fairly accurate pencil sketch on the canvas.

JUG (16 x 12 Oil on canvas)
I generally paint at least three passes over the canvas. In the first pass I try to accruately get the shape and size of major elements. And the successive passes I refine the painting and bring out the details. 


This  painting was done for Bill Guffey's VIRTUAL PAINTOUT blog.
 The Trail of Rocks (12 x 16 oil on canvas)
My painting site was near the Niarbyl Visitor Center on Trail Road of The Trail of Rocks.
The paiting is not finished, I want to define the forground some more, and add some of the sea birds.