Sunday, January 25, 2009


SOUTH RIM, Oil on canvas board (5x7)
This was a gift for my Bonsai Club. I aways feature a tree in some way, and like to exaggerate the interesting characteristics of the tree. I noticed some of the shadows are a little dark on either side of the light stack of rocks in the foreground. It is interesting how we can continue to see little thing that need tweaking. Who was the famous artist who would make corrections on his painting when he would visit his clients?

CHRISTMAS CARD 2008, Oil on canvas board (6x9)
Glare on your painting can sometimes make it difficult to photograph. This painting was for our Christmas Cards this year, and shows my very professional photo set up. The fence is on the south side of our house, and I get good bounced light from the light neutral gray walls. The top fence rail is a convenient height.

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  1. Ann Blair3:19 PM

    I love all of your work but this is my favorite. Keep up your wonderful work. You are truly an artist.