Sunday, February 01, 2009


GENERAL (oil on panel 12 x 16)
This Painting was done in an Eric Petersen work shop in Morro Bay Ca. Eric brought in black and white photos and some of his works done form these photos. One of his pieces was done with the light areas in greens and the darks in brown tones. This is a fun way to work and relieves you from the concerns of getting the color correct. I like the light violet grays in the General's hair, and the greens on his cheek. I had to do some research to see if his jacket should be gray on blue. The collar emblem indicated he was a Confederate General.

PRIDE (oil on panel 12 x 16)
Another Peterson work shop painting. The center of interest of most Portraits seems to be the eyes. That may have more to do with human interaction than contrast or color intensity. In this painting the light on the upper eyelid and bridge of the nose against the dark of the eye socket draws you to the eye. I left some of the alizarin background as shadow on the cheek and like the way that worked out. Working from these photos has the added advantage of forcing you to focus on the values. I believe value is the most important component in all art.

FRANK (oil on panel 18 x 29)
This is an earlier painting from a live model at Allen Hancock College. For me painting portraits from life is the most challenging form of art. I liked the lighting on the nose and the mustache.

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