Monday, April 27, 2009


729 Keizergracht (9x12 Oil on canvas panel)
This is my first entry to The Virtual Paintout blog site, created by Bill Guffy. Bill creates wonderful lose plein air paintings. I hope he keeps this blog site going, and think it will grow in popularity.
I spent the first three weeks in a virtual walk though the streets of Amsterdam, and getting familiar with the google map system. The most valuable information on the use of this system was Bills suggestion to Email locations you like to yourself. I zoomed in one click for my selected site, and famed my image noting how the reflection of the grey building fit in the bottom left of the image. I thought I would need this to information to come back to the same view. However, using the email link it brought up the image exactly as I had zoomed and framed it. Another feature I learned after about a week of playing with this map system is you can make the full screen image by clicking the little box in the upper right hand corner.
To see my reference photo click go to the Google Maps and place the following into the find box (729 Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, North Netherlands) and click the Search Maps button. You will see I repaired and relocated the street lamp and removed the sail boat and a white tarp to improve the composition.


  1. This is wonderful - you did an excellent job!! Really nice work - your detail is great.

  2. I like this very, very much. I also know this location very well, since it is on my daily route home from work. That boat is still there.
    I think I'll be following your blog for a while.

  3. Jeroen,
    I fond it fascinating that some one living near my painting location found my blog. I had a great virtual visit of your wonderful city. Your blog site was great. I liked your moleskin sketches, computer art, and photos. You seem to be multi talented. Wish I was able to read all the text.

  4. Good job Phil,I like the acutate details
    in your painting.

  5. Nice job on this Phil. The whole composition balances out beautifully! Love the light n the front of the boat.

  6. I also like this painting a lot. Amazing you got so much detail in a 9x12.

    The orange in the background barge is similar to the foregroud hull and could be greyed down some. I put my thumb over it to see. What do you think?

  7. Mark,
    I thought the repeat of the ornage helped the composition, but thought the pully on the second boat should have been grayed some.