Monday, April 26, 2010


This is my April painting for Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout blog.
The bright colors of these row boats make the painting.

This first image shows my painting in progress. I was reusing an old canvas panel and in the past sketched in the image with a Sharpie pen but found the black pen hard to cover over. With this painting I did a rough in with washes of flake white, raw umber, burnt sienna, yellow ocher, and ultramarine blue. I used a 1 inch grid on the reference photo, and used thread to grid the canvas panel. You can see some remnants of the thread at the bottom of the painting. I think next time I may use fish line for the canvas grid, and may eliminate some of these marks.
you can see some of the boats on the right side are nearly complete.

Row Boats (9 x 12 Oil on canvas panel)
I have not signed this painting yet. I want to clean up some of the muddy color in the water. and would like to get the green oars to be more of a teal green. You can not get a good teal with the standard pallets which usually include a warm and cool of the three primary colors and some of the earth colors. Anyone out there have a good recipe for teal green?


  1. you really found a great view to work from - this is a terrific painting!

  2. The colors and composition are superb...and so beautifully painted.

  3. I like the green of the oars that is there now. They look weathered, which is great. Your painting as a whole is fantastic.

  4. If I could pick, your painting would win