Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is my August entry to Bill Guffey's VIRTUAL PAINTOUT.
I decided to include a couple of photos of my painting process in this post.

This photo shows my pencil sketch with the reference photo on the computer. I preserve the sketch with a spray fixative. Then when I start painting with thin washes of paint the sketch shows though the paint.

Here is the first pass laying in some of the local colors .

Saint Paul's Anglican Parish Hall (14x11 Oil on canvas panel).
It is not signed yet as I like to go over it with one more coat of paint, making minor adjustments. Ref Photo


  1. Nice painting and I really like your Hong Kong scene as well.

  2. This is an excellent painting. Love your attention to the brick and all the nuances of this church front. Really beautiful.

  3. Nice to see how you worked on this. I really like the stained glass on the window. I've just seen some of my favourite virtual paintout paintings I know where they come from!

  4. Beautiful painting. Wonderful color with the brick building and the stained glass window. Nice detail of the tree reflection off the glass!

  5. Anonymous4:45 PM

    This is lovely - being from PEI I have often seen this landmark and you have certainly done a wonderful job of this spectacular heritage building.

  6. This is so beautiful, congratulations.