Saturday, March 26, 2011


This is my March entry to Bill Guffey's VIRTUAL PAINTOUT blog.

"Spaza GUGU" (14 x 11 Oil on canvas panel) REF PHOTO
As always I spent a lot of time virtual hiking all over the area, and saving potential painting locations. I really like this location and have no idea what my painting title means. I liked the composition of this image. There is an interesting light and dark pattern on the two figures. The row of posts draws your eye into the point of interest.


  1. Great painting and interesting subject. Excellent!

  2. Brilliant painting! As for the title, I think spaza means hip hop and gugu may refer to Gugulethu an area in Cape Town! No I'm not a clever clogs, I just googled the words and this seems a probable answer. Happy painting.

  3. Kim, Thanks for the nice comment. I really liked your VP painting with wonderful colors. Laundry hanging out in the sun is always fun to paint. I could see where I could enter a comments on your blog. Your art is terrific. Phil

  4. I love it too. I wonder where do you see the painting. I always visit Cape Town and I've a lot of very nice paintings but none like this.
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