Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This painting was done for Bill Guffey's VIRTUAL PAINTOUT blog.
I wanted to do a painting in the French Quarter, but it was hard to find good lighting. The Google car photoed this area at the crack of dawn so most areas were either very dark and all shadows, or very bright and washed out.

Pat O'Brien's (14 x 11 Oil on canvas panel) Ref Photo

We visited New Orleans a couple of years ago, and were in Pat O'Brien's for one of their famous Hurricanes. I was surprised to see this site was one of the few with sun light. The diagonal shadow line was lowered to bring more light on the sign. I still have a little work to do on this painting but wanted to get it posted on Bill's blog.

Preservation Hall (12 x 16 Oil on canvas panel) Ref Photo

Preservation Hall is next door to Pat O'Brien's, but the Google picture was not very good. I found this user photo in the Google System and just had to paint it. I love all the subtle colors on the walls, and letters on the trombone case sign. I still have to finish the HALL sign and the widow, both of these are just roughed in. I will post it again when finished.


  1. Stunning work and great submission to the VP, Phil. I love both paintings, but I thought that your Preservation Hall painting was a photo at first, then I realised that it wasn’t – Impressive, wow! – I love the details.

  2. Always something to look for: a genuine Holt!
    Nicely done.

    (I haven't been drawing for awhile now but seeing your work inspires me to jump back in.)

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Thank you both for the compliments. Rock, I have missed seeing your work on Bill's Blog, and am looking forward to seeing them again soon.