Monday, December 12, 2011


Verdigris Turret (14 x 11 oil on canvas panel)
This painting was done in January from a "Google map street view" in Boston [reference].
I just finish cleaning up a few things and now feel it is worthy of a frame.

Clothespins (14 x 11 oil on canvas panel)
This painting was done from a photo I found at one of the art challenge blog sites. Capturing the glass jar and the distortion of the clothespins seen through the jar was quite a challenge.

Padlocks (12 x 9 oil on canvas panel)
The reference photo was from the Google map at Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy. I simplified the walls and made them darker to bring out the locks. I believe a lot of the white on the locks was due to the use of a flash. So I used a lot of yellow ocher, gold ocher, and raw sienna on the locks. My wife suggested the changing the text on the lock at the bottom to represent our two granddaughters.

I have included the reference photo here since it is no longer available on the Google map.


  1. Love the locks! How did you ever find that?!

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